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Creating Space Project

From ordinary women, come stories that are real and inspiring.

Ruth Nelson, a psychologist, asks women to share a story from their lives.

Together, they explore that story to uncover their personal values and beliefs.

Every person you see has a story. This podcast is about taking the time to listen.

Feb 21, 2019

"Where are you getting the next lot of food?" And he just shrugged his shoulders.

Ev Van Bo and her husband packed up their caravan for a trip around Australia. They thought that perhaps, on the way, they should stop to help a farmer.

So they contacted the Country Women’s Australia and were put in contact with Nea Worrell, from the Baradine CWA Drought Pantry.

She may have spent the first week leaving the cover on the thermometer when preparing the feed for the poddy lambs, but Ev’s help meant that farmers could have dinner with their children.

For Ev, helping out in a drought was a reminder of what is actually important in life, and how we need far less than we imagine.  

But what we do need is food and water.

In these times of climate change, with Australia become drier and hotter, this interview is a reminder that food security will become a more pressing issue, and that the people we depend on every day to feed us are struggling in ways that are unimaginable here in the city.