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Creating Space Project

From ordinary women, come stories that are real and inspiring.

Ruth Nelson, a psychologist, asks women to share a story from their lives.

Together, they explore that story to uncover their personal values and beliefs.

Every person you see has a story. This podcast is about taking the time to listen.

Apr 25, 2017

Sophie is part of the Youth Food Movement - which is about providing a way for young people to have conversations about food and health, to inspire them to eat better, buy and waste less, share more and enjoy the food experience.

Sophie had a "negative relationship with food" as a child and teenager. 

In her...

Apr 17, 2017

Anna Chisolm is a whole food plant-based health coach. Formerly a social worker, she uses her skills to help people, especially those with chronic health conditions, transition to diets that help them heal their bodies.


“If it was as easy as getting the information, we’d all be fit and healthy. My skills in...

Apr 10, 2017

Sr Monica is the leader of the Sisters of St Joseph in Australia. She tells a simple story of an encounter with a man on a train. From this story, emerge themes of dignity, courage, the looks of other people, the ongoing work of seeking non-judgement, and how it is the unfamiliar place that is the catalyst for growth.

Apr 3, 2017

MC Free, a remarkable young woman from a Cook Island/Tongan background, works for Rap 4 Change, a hip hop outreach educational program in the outer western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. She works with all sorts of kids – disabled, transgender, diverse cultural backgrounds, both in the community and in...