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Creating Space Project

From ordinary women, come stories that are real and inspiring.

Ruth Nelson, a psychologist, asks women to share a story from their lives.

Together, they explore that story to uncover their personal values and beliefs.

Every person you see has a story. This podcast is about taking the time to listen.

Jan 16, 2017

Ngan loves to travel.


“Travelling and meeting people gives me that sense of belonging and then identity, and understanding where I fit in this world.”


During a year of travelling the world, Ngan and her partner spent her birthday in Iceland. The experience, anticipated for ten years, was magical.


“It’s a space that’s so uninhabited by people.”


Volcano ash. Fertile soil. Grass in abundance. Snow capped mountains.


Waterfalls with double rainbows. Drinking cold fresh water from streams that flowed down from the glacier.


“As if I’m a child again and I’m rediscovering all these new things around me.”


Being in Iceland, in the enormity of its physicality, was a spiritual experience. It highlighted Ngan’s values of being connected with nature, of being conscious that she is part of a bigger picture. The human, physical and spiritual forms of this world intertwine and co-inhabit, and in Iceland, Ngan was able to be very conscious of that, as well as of an inner space and freedom that opened up inside her. 


“Being in a space like Iceland, it’s just made me more self-aware of my space and where that relates to, I suppose, the world.”